5 Homework Tips Parents Can Use to Help Their Kids Succeed

Instilling work ethic begins at a young age. Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to encouraging children to complete their homework. These are five helpful tips that parents can use with students of all age to help them complete their assignments so they can be successful in school (apart from simply decising to buy homework).

Tip #1: Stock up on useful supplies. Homework can take a variety of different forms, so a multitude of supplies is helpful. Students can always use pencils and pens as well as lined, graphing, and plain paper. Students can also benefit from having a pencil sharpener, extra lead, clear tape, a ruler and/or meter stick, and a stapler and extra staples. It is also helpful to a have quality computer with Internet access, especially since instructors at all grade levels are assigning online work.

Tip #2: Create a place to complete assignments. Students need a place where they can get their assignments done in peace and quiet. They should not be doing their work in front of the television or in a room full of distractions. No one can multitask – the human brain simply cannot do it. The brain has to break from the task at hand to do something different, so assignments will get done faster if the location is free of distractions. The station needs to have substantial lighting. It needs to be comfortable. And, it needs to have the supplies handy.

Tip #3: Color coding makes managing work easier. Color coding might seem like an elementary school technique, but it works well into college and beyond. When students know what color is for what class, they will have an easier time managing their assignments. When they use one side of each folder for work-to-be-finished and one side for finished work, they will stay better organized. Success happens when organization happens.

Tip #4: Teach your children to communicate with teachers. There will come a day when it is no longer appropriate for parents to keep tabs on their children’s teachers, so students need to learn at a young age to talk to their teachers. Whether they do it face-to-face or via email, students will be more successful when they talk to their teachers about their assignments.

Tip #5: Check in with your children. Even if the kids are seniors in high school or sophomores in college, it is still perfectly acceptable for parents to ask their kids about their homework. It shows that you can and that you still want them to be successful.

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